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October 2023


We've completed the first month of the new season and it has been really fun seeing everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the first month as much as we have.

Free Dress Week (Oct 30 - Nov 2)

To shake things up, every now and then we have free dress where students can wear their choice of attire for the whole week.

For classes that normally require black leotard and pink tights, students can wear any color leotard and tights! Hair requirements should continue to follow the standard dress code.

For Company classes that normally require black athletic wear, students can wear any color athletic wear.

Visit the Studio Calendar to see when free dress weeks are scheduled.

Dates to Remember

Office Closed - the office will be closed on Tuesday, October 3rd and Thursday, October 5th. Classes will still be held as usual.

Fall Break - the studio will be closed during Fall Break (Oct 9-13).

Recital Pictures & USB Drives

If you haven't already, please stop by the office to pick up your recital pictures and USB drives.

Recital Watch Party

We had a super time hosting our first ever recital watch party on September 23rd. We put mats on the floor and projected the recital onto one of the huge walls in Studio C.

Parents' Night Out

From glow-in-the-dark musical chairs to running an obstacle course to board games to teaching a short combo, the Jan’s Dance Company had a great time entertaining students on September 30th so their parents could have a well-deserved night out. Keep an eye on Facebook for when the next date night is scheduled.

Happy October Birthdays!

Scarlette Minniear 10 Oct 04, 2012

Lillian Schnur 6 Oct 28, 2016

Senior Spotlight

Our seniors for the 2023-2024 season are:

  • Hadley Manning

  • Paris Henney

  • Sydney Zuber

You can read all about them here

Portal App

The portal app is now available. You should have received a link with your username and password. If not, please email us.

Why download the app?

  • You can view your child's schedule.

  • Make a payment from home when its bitter cold out!

  • Buy merch and pre-order exclusive extras.

  • And lots more.

  • Visit for more information.

Merch Store

Visit the store next time you're in the studio or hop onto the app to take an early peek!

Student Recognition

We want to recognize and celebrate everything dance-related that our students participate in outside of Jan's so please let us know any time your child performs so we can give them props!

Social Media

Follow all the Jan's social media to stay updated!


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