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Competitive dance challenges our dancers in an environment that has real-world growth opportunities. Learning how to gracefully accept constructive criticism, win with humility, and grow stronger during times of adversity are extremely important skills in life, not just for dance.

We are always proud of our dancers no matter what awards they receive. Our goal is to motivate and encourage our dancers to be their very best. Being part of a team and supporting each other will give our dancers lifelong memories and that is what Company is all about.

2023-2024 Season


Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Company"?

"Company" is one of the nicknames we have given to our competitive dance team.  The team's official name is Jan's Dance Company (JDC).

What is the difference between Company and non-competitive/recreational classes?

Non-competitive/recreational classes are what most of our dancers take at Jan's School of Dance.  They are typically 30-60 mins once a week and are performed at our Summer Recital.  Company classes are taken by our competitive dance team and are focused on preparing them for competition.  They also perform their numbers in our Summer Recital.


What is the time commitment to be in Company?

It depends how many Company classes your dancer takes.  You can choose to only take one or two Company classes and take recreational classes for the rest. For example, if your dancer takes Ballet, Jazz, and Tap recreationally, you could choose to take Company Jazz and continue to take recreational Ballet and Tap.

How much travel is involved if you are in Company?

We typically attend 4 regional competitions between January and May. We try to attend competitions close to home, such as Owensboro and Evansville. We may also travel to bigger cities such as St Louis, Nashville and Indianapolis.

How much does it cost?

As with most things, it costs more if you do more.  Company prices are comparable to recreational prices.  Company students also get free technique classes to lock in the fundamentals of dance.  If your dancer has a solo or duo, they will have private lessons in addition to the weekly group practices.  These private lessons are scheduled with the teacher directly on a day and time that works for you both.

How will my child benefit from joining Company?

After joining Company, your child will grow in the following ways:

  • Learn how to accept & apply constructive criticism.

  • Learn how to win with humility.

  • Significantly enhance their dance skills.

  • Improve their perseverance and discipline.

  • Create lifelong friendships and memories.

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