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August 2023

Welcome Jan's Family!

We hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school starts again. It has gone by so quickly!

Fall Schedule

We are finalizing the Fall schedule now and will be sending it out to you all shortly.

Parent Portal will also be online shortly so you will be able to view your dancers' schedules, make payments, and more!


For those of you taking private lessons this month, please pardon our mess as renovations are underway.

Welcome New Students!

Emerson Ruthenburg

Ellis Ruthenburg

Haley Cannon

Lana Turpin

Happy Birthday!

Kaia Wells Aug 01, 2014

Kaela Huber Aug 02, 2012

Amanda Vollmer Aug 03, 2007

Caroline Wilson Aug 05, 2018

Anna Burkett Aug 08, 2007

Claire Davis Aug 08, 2013

Briella Hayes Aug 08, 2016

Sydney Preske Aug 13, 2015

Brileigh Avery Aug 13, 2007

June Belcher Aug 23, 2017

Allie Belcher Aug 23, 2017

Violet Schmitt Aug 23, 2018

Mylah Deutsch Aug 24, 2015

Isabel Runion Aug 25, 2013

Adelyn Memering Aug 31, 2008

Important Dates

Classes start September 5th, 2023! If you haven't registered yet, please do so as soon as possible.


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